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Chic and Glossy Penthouse apartament

Area:210 sq.m
Completed: May 2019
Inspired by the investor of the project, a young lady with a young child, we tried to create an interior that fits her profile and needs.
Using materials such as marble, wood, metal and glass, in combination with plush and satin textiles, as well as with the proper lighting, we have achieved the ultimate result - a modern and luxurious penthouse.
The challenges and starting points for the creation of this project were: the architectural features of the space - windows to the existing ceiling, a transitional bedroom; the desire of the investor to utilize the maximum storage space, as well as our desire to create a spacious and cozy home, which corresponds to the beautiful view.
For this purpose, in the "day" zone, we used panelling and covering on the walls and on the furnitures, so that to combine the volumes of the premises by "hiding" wardrobes, columns, cabinets and doors, thus giving a sense of orderliness and integrity.
We zoned the living room and emphasized on the dividing line through granite tiles and hung ceilings.
By lifting the bathtub and shower in the bathroom, we were able to isolate the wet part and bring the sewer to the toilet without problems. We optically enlarged the space by using a glass partition wall between the bathroom and the bedroom. The glass panes used are electrochromatic for more privacy.
For the nursery room we have reserved a maximum playing area, with the bed situated together with a staircase (with storage), playground (cleverly secured with wooden slats and decorative clouds) and a slide, recreating a house in the nature. A zone for various activities has been separated, utilizing one wall entirely. The colors are calm and airy, dictated by the view out the window.