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Office Marand Design

Area: 85 sq.m.
Completed: 20.01.20
The office consists of: a conference hall, a bathroom, a kitchenette, one main hall and a cabinet. Materials used: veneer, walnut in combination with MDF, paint "matte" - intermediate color, combining veneer with the black metal, wallpaper, micro-marble and alcantara for decorative panels and doors. The workplaces are designed ... so that no installations are visible and on the same time they fully meet our needs. All documents and auxiliary materials, water dispenser, etc., are hidden in cabinets to the ceiling, passing into paneling on the wall. The cabinet is separated by a glass case and a textile curtain. The accent is the project- designed desk in composition with the designer lighting fixture above it. All accessories are carefully selected. In the corridor are adequately combined materials on the floor, walls and wallpaper doors, treated with different coatings: textiles, veneer, micro-marble and alcantara, without neglecting the works of art that are so important for each of our interiors. The challenge is to show different interior techniques in a limited space and at the same time to correspond to each other.
The bathroom is a continuation of the corridor, using micro-marble, in addition to granite - "terrazzo". Decorative and useful niches have been designed, hiding useful volumes behind their mirrored doors. The luminaires here are diffuse, hidden in an aluminum profile, separating the ceiling from the walls and creating equally spread and soft lighting. In the conference hall, a table with a marble top is matched with themed wallpaper, which creates the feeling of a larger room. The accents are decided in blue, the color of the year. Open shelves with mirrored backs reflect elements of the beautiful fresco, different samples that we have are functionally distributed behind ringed doors with minimalist metal handles that are made for this specific project.

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Chic and Glossy Penthouse apartament

Area:210 sq.m
Completed: May 2019
Inspired by the investor of the project, a young lady with a young child, we tried to create an interior that fits her profile and needs.
Using materials such as marble, wood, metal and glass, ... in combination with plush and satin textiles, as well as with the proper lighting, we have achieved the ultimate result - a modern and luxurious penthouse.
The challenges and starting points for the creation of this project were: the architectural features of the space - windows to the existing ceiling, a transitional bedroom; the desire of the investor to utilize the maximum storage space, as well as our desire to create a spacious and cozy home, which corresponds to the beautiful view.
For this purpose, in the "day" zone, we used panelling and covering on the walls and on the furnitures, so that to combine the volumes of the premises by "hiding" wardrobes, columns, cabinets and doors, thus giving a sense of orderliness and integrity.
We zoned the living room and emphasized on the dividing line through granite tiles and hung ceilings.
By lifting the bathtub and shower in the bathroom, we were able to isolate the wet part and bring the sewer to the toilet without problems. We optically enlarged the space by using a glass partition wall between the bathroom and the bedroom. The glass panes used are electrochromatic for more privacy.
For the nursery room we have reserved a maximum playing area, with the bed situated together with a staircase (with storage), playground (cleverly secured with wooden slats and decorative clouds) and a slide, recreating a house in the nature. A zone for various activities has been separated, utilizing one wall entirely. The colors are calm and airy, dictated by the view out the window.

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Luxury and Contemporary apartment

Area of ​​the apartment: 110 sq.m.
Completed: September 2020
The apartment includes a bedroom, a wardrobe, a living room, two bathrooms and a closet. The contemporary style of the apartment is influenced by the current color trends for the year, the ... timelessness of designer lighting fixtures, accessories and works of art. The main requirement about the apartment was to be functional, to have the maximum amount of closed volumes to fit a lot of clothes and shoes. The materials used here are metal, glass, wood in combination with matte and glossy surfaces. It was necessary to move the axes corridor, bedrooms and living room at the expense of the closet and bathrooms in order to increase the specific areas. At the same time, the main bathroom is functionally assimilated, as the bathing area is separated from the rest by a glass door. For the doors of the wardrobes to the ceiling and the kitchen column, three types of material were used - veneer, two colors of MDF and stone, and the main goal was to avoid the use of handles, optically reduce the volume and combine materials in the interior. The plasterboard front wall in the living room is a basic composite element which, in addition to a niche for exquisite plastic, makes a smooth connection between the individual areas and a transition between the depths of the furniture. The dynamics in the ceiling, hiding installations and lighting, contributes to emphasis on certain corners and follows the different types of flooring, helps to zoning the spaces. The panel in the bedroom is a combination of mirror and MDF slats and creates an unobtrusive feeling of infinity. The textiles used are plush, satin and banana silk carpets.

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Contemporary apartment

Area: 180 sq.m
Completed: June 2019

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Cavo Beach Bar

Area: 600 sq.m
Completed: June 2021 ...

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The dream mountine house

Area: 750 sq.m
Completed: December 2020 ...

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Mountain House

Area:  350 sq.m
Completed: October 2018 ...

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Alpine style house

Area: 160 sq.m
Completed: September 2017 ...

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Area: 140 sq.m.
Completed: September 2021 ...

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Bedroom Beauty Salon

Area: 85 sq.m.
Completed: November 2017 ...

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Disco Club Elysium

Area: 430 sq.m
Completed: April 2017 ...

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Chambers in Sofia

Area: 130 sq.m
Completed: December 2014 ...

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Apartment in Classik style

Area: 230 sq.m
Completed: June 2019 ...