Sofia 1000, Lozenets, str. Stoyan Mihaylovski 10, fl.1, office 3

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Luxury and Contemporary apartment

Area of ​​the apartment: 110 sq.m.
Completed: September 2020
The apartment includes a bedroom, a wardrobe, a living room, two bathrooms and a closet. The contemporary style of the apartment is influenced by the current color trends for the year, the timelessness of designer lighting fixtures, accessories and works of art. The main requirement about the apartment was to be functional, to have the maximum amount of closed volumes to fit a lot of clothes and shoes. The materials used here are metal, glass, wood in combination with matte and glossy surfaces. It was necessary to move the axes corridor, bedrooms and living room at the expense of the closet and bathrooms in order to increase the specific areas. At the same time, the main bathroom is functionally assimilated, as the bathing area is separated from the rest by a glass door. For the doors of the wardrobes to the ceiling and the kitchen column, three types of material were used - veneer, two colors of MDF and stone, and the main goal was to avoid the use of handles, optically reduce the volume and combine materials in the interior. The plasterboard front wall in the living room is a basic composite element which, in addition to a niche for exquisite plastic, makes a smooth connection between the individual areas and a transition between the depths of the furniture. The dynamics in the ceiling, hiding installations and lighting, contributes to emphasis on certain corners and follows the different types of flooring, helps to zoning the spaces. The panel in the bedroom is a combination of mirror and MDF slats and creates an unobtrusive feeling of infinity. The textiles used are plush, satin and banana silk carpets.