My closet is my fortress – an attic apartment that allures with its warmth and femininity.

The project is located in Bansko.  The apartment has tiered floors and  covers  50 sq. meters.
A project that allures with its warmth and femininity.
The versatile closet with recessed lighting is every woman’s dream. There is a shelf and mechanism for all types of clothing and accessories.
The benches in the apartment are designed to organize and store a maximum number of shoes!
The heaters are hidden behind cabinets. The apartment is accented with hand-crafted, iron lamps and embroidered curtains. 
Different lighting settings allow for different moods- romantic, wide open or a variety of different shades.
The most important thing for us was to create an interior that captures the spirit of Bansko and at the same time is modern and stylish,while complying with the existing design of the apartment!
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